Hello, I’m @sebastian and I build digital products

With team of developers I can build modern scalable services and products on which you can build on the future.

I’m based in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic [UTC +2]. I’m used and happy to work remotely but also from the office if nearby.


Developing SaaS, online service, ERP, internal systems, selling systems, mobile apps, or anything between, I’m offering my experiences to lead, design and manage such projects.

The ability to do things better. Sometimes is enough to have a slightly better idea. Sometimes is enough to understand the essence of the problem a bit better to find out the most effective way. Sometimes you need to sweat harder in terms of design, craft or precision. Sometimes is necessary to go a little bit further, whereas others simply won’t let themselves go.

This is the attitude I always try to honour. Of course, it won’t always do the trick. But I do try anyway.

To know what’s urgent, what our needs are, what and when needs to be done, what is blocking what. That’s one of the byrocratic neccesaries.

Long-term planning, considering important yet non-urgent tasks, technological debt and maintenance, that all is a typical problem in almost every company, which might not even have a solution without complex concept.

Altough it’s not perhaps crucial to do things always right but it is crucial to do right things. Things that efectivelly help and make sense in multiple ways. Things which might create synergy effect and path the way which company would follow along.

I’m focusing mostly on a power of the product itself. So that end user would get what he paid for and had a pleasant experience and will to pay again - that’s very plain and straight-forward strategy that I do believe in.

Together with software architect we disscuss all basic steps to transform the idea into tangible reality - how service gonna work, what hardware to use, if stateless application is needed, kubernetes, cloud servers, and such.

In this area I can usually contribute more with questions than answers but even basic orientation helps to get things done.

I see brand as a strategic tool that speaks for the company even before the product itself has a chance to speak. And that’s why it’s important to me how brand communicate, what exactly, and why.

Copy/writing is also neccesary for a product owner - texts should be in line with particular tonality, unified terms, expressions and patterns should be used. So I do happen to write/proofread a lot of texts myself.

The sign of a good product owner is a wide-range of knowledge about all related professions. At least to the extent to specifically imagine others work and understand their needs. In order to extract the most from the team.

As a product guy I try to synthetise all expertise from the whole team. It might not be always possible but that’s how it should be in the ideal world.

In my eyes, a product manager should be the one carrying values which reflect back to the product and the team. I’m aware of this and trying to act accordingly.

However, integrity is often presumed, but in reality is definitely not a matter of course. I strive to be the one, on which anybody can rely on, both on and off work.

Even though I’m not a professional programmer, I’m still a power-user who can programme easier stuff and configure things. It’s one of my hobbies.

My computers run on Arch Linux, and I do like to write some Python or Bash scripts to mostly automate some work. I also configured company tools such as Jira, Integromat/Make, Google Workspace, various peripheries, and such. I won’t get lost in spreadsheets and I also know how to quit vim!

Long story short, I get most of programmer memes. And at this point, I don’t know if I should be proud of it!

How an application should work and look like for an end user, that has always been my certain passion and natural habitat.

It’s fantastic to cooperate with skilled UX experts and designers, whoom I try to stimulate to acceptable solutions - and we usually do get there.

In the end, work on a product is nothing more than one massive coherent marketing effort. To win, after all, cooperation between all teams is necessary to all converge to the same point, at the same time.

Seamless logical service without major issues, will guarantee a smooth experience and finally further user acquisition.

I’m no HR expert. However, during my time in IT, I’ve trained my nose to recognize solid developers and also means to get their attention when hiring.

In IT, co-workers are pretty much everything. Just a single problematic person is enough to make a team crumble from the inside. I believe that the quality of people is after all the only difference whether the project within its budget, will or will not succeed. It’s mostly about people - and their attitudes.

Cloud of high-level roles

My own role requires a broad spectrum of expertise and experience - at least to the extent to be able to understand each profession and to coordinate the team to the effect.

Typically, my work is a mix of high and low-level roles.

Low-level roles

Ideally, you have a specialized expert for an each area. But if that’s not the case, I’m willing to help with these things. They are all part of my daily work, one way or another.

If I would be able to stand in for multiple professions you wouldn’t otherwise fully use, I could save you these costs.

Transformation of high-level ideas into reality always means a lot of tasks. I can handle those - writing assignments, task management, organization, and also supervision.

An effective dev process will save a lot of time and team effort. It’s worth automating whatever can be automated and swiftly reacting to problematic situations to prevent further escalation.

You might not be aware of all options you have to automate part of your work. If you’re using online tools providing APIs, then it shouldn’t be much of a problem to automate supported tasks - either programme connection or via online tools such as Make.

Write me and let’s talk about options. You might get less daily work at the end.

There always has to be somebody to set up and maintain Jira, Phabricator, Google Workspace, Gitlab or even spreadsheets.

I’d like to help here too.

I’m not the professional designer, but I do get along with Figma, and since I have quite extensive experience building UIs, I have no problem creating stuff on my own, using grids, component system and auto-layouts.

I can also make adjustments of vectors (typically icons) but nothing impressive, I guess.

I enjoy exploring technological options. It can be dev tools, online services, cloud platforms, or even AI news, because sometimes there are things that can make your life a bit easier.

I like to bring new ideas to the company.

Analysis of processes and needs is one of the most inherent roles of a product manager.

Even though I’ve not used SQL for some time, I always liked it. I usually can extract knowledge from databases on my own (if I know the data context or can be retrieved from somewhere).

Every day I dig up information and search for solutions to various problems.

Programming (python) is something I enjoy even though I’m no programming star. I typically use it as a tool for automatization, API connections, and utility tasks like smart backups, scrappers, data manipulation, system control, notifications and such (non-super-complex) things.

If we’re going to build something robust, I’m gonna need developers. If we’re into non-complex things, I should be fine doing it alone.

Thanks to ~10 years of dev/management experience, I often have a hunch where problems might show up. That definitely helps in user testing.

I might be able to write in python automated selenium tests, however, I suspect I wouldn’t be too effective in it. But it might make sense to use it e.g. to cover the critical path of the order or something like that.

Every organization needs a certain amount of bureaucracy. I’d offer help here too. There’s a chance that thanks to my advanced knowledge of spreadsheets and the ability to automate things, I might be a bit faster, hopefully.

I can handle various types of communication, whether it involves clients (typically as account role), internal team or community.

I’m no showman but I’ve done a couple of difficult, and yet hopefully successful, presentations. And nobody died!

Here I can eventually help with marketing strategy / concepts, briefs, landing pages, etc.

Product and manager experiences

The top selection


Product Manager | Software company

2023 - now

At Ententee, I am involved in system development for the US healthcare industry as a Product / Project Manager and Analyst. I take over various projects, both modernization projects typically improving workflow and user experience, as well as startups that are just building their MVP version, or evolving into more mature product.

Thanks to Ententee I’m gathering experience with US health care, with HIPAA regulations, HL7 FHIR standard/protocol, CommonWell integrations, specific data formats, etc. Communicating and taking care of the requirements of US clients (who are often physicians themselves) has been a great experience, as well as collaborating with colleagues who have decades of experience developing for healthcare.

I like the idea of improving health care by developing better tools.


Product Manager | Digital agency

2019 - 2023

My main role in Animato was an ambitious gradual technologic upgrade of the company (product and support of various internal processes). Because something like that cannot be achieved in the short term, I also had some space for secondary roles, such as hiring dev roles, UX/UI designs, project managament, automatization projects, basic exploration of new technologies, configuring tools, and such things.

After experiences from one of the largest e-commerce businesses in czechia, I had the opportunity to try ecommerce out from the agency perspective. In case of a client project, it has to be done in time within an agreed budget. One of interesting experience was crussis.cz, where I lead the project of developing B2B system, which unconditionally had to withstand high peak traffic at the time of public release.

In project Království tianDe I had a chance to join the development of a quite complex mobile flutter app, a full-sized e-commerce in your pocket. I helped with conceptual preparation, UX designs, funkctional design specs, team organization, and to make sure that everything will be delivered on time.


Product Manager (ERP) | E-commerce

2018 - 2020

I came to Bonami as a product manager of its internal ERP system. My main role was to develop this system in a way to support all internal processes and enable the company to scale up and also minimize the related costs at the same time. That’s surely easier said than done.

My job was to collect and evaluate feature requests, needs of all stakeholders, creation / management / supervision of project tasks, prioritization, roadmap, and communication to all departments (top management, development, marketing, supply-chain, copy, finance, customer support). Approximately 70% time took the project agenda while 30% of time I could focus on product issues - how to split the system into more manageble subsystems, how to pay off the technological debt, and how to overall migrate towards the future.


Product Manager | E-commerce platform

2015 - 2018

In Shoptet, as a Product manager I was (though not solely) responsible how product will work, what features will be implemented, and how it’s all gonna look like. We developed a lot of functionality and during the time, number of instances (shops) has risen from 4 to 12 thousand and we become the number one e-commerce platform in Czech market.

Here is where I learnt what it’s like to design something that intensively use not tens, not hundreds, but thousands of people every day. For idea - for a one single day 122k orders were made through Shoptet.

I’ve personally designed 2 successful themes. Tango was focused for simpler mostly visual goods, while Classic has combined in itself the best practices and was intended for more wholesale type of ecommerce with typically more technical range of goods. I cooperated to some extent on other themes, too.

I also designed facelift of shoptet.cz and info portal czech ecommerce, which is quite different discipline than ecommerce themes. However, I mostly worked on internal/external features, project management, I’ve also send more than 1500 e-mail replies, solved more than 700 tickets from customers and even visited some customers personally.

That was very precious experience. After some time however, I felt like my professional development is stagnating and some form of burnout has come.


Founder and designer | My app project


Notello application is without a doubt the most demanding and sophisticated thing I have ever worked on - as a designer, (pseudo)marketer, and product guy. Since we can afford to develop this thing our way, we do things that wouldn’t be conceivable in regular companies. And that’s a completely new type of a challenge.

Nouvelle Communauté

Founder and organizer | Union of IT creatives

2011 - 2014

My first experience as a manager was the creation of a student union Nouvelle Communauté, where with developer friends I knew we offered our services together under one brand and could handle more complex projects. It was not about money back then, but rather to kick up our professional path, learn basics, and try out things that nobody else would let us do.

From past cooperations

Miroslav Uďan

Miroslav Uďan

CEO, Shoptet

During his three years with us, Sebastian has become an indispensable part of the team. Thanks to his meticulousness, attention to detail, independence, very quick orientation in the field and passion for the cause, he managed to move our product a long way forward, which was noticed by both our clients and competitors.

Sebastian is someone I can recommend with a calm heart, he will be a great asset to your company.

Štěpán Rambousek

Štěpán Rambousek

Pankošéf, Animato

Sebastian and I have worked on several projects in Animate over the last 2 years. The addition of Sebastian to the project has been a welcome help to the projects themselves and the rest of the team. Sebastian proved to be a good human fit, communicative and friendly.

Moreover, in terms of implementation, he proved to be experienced, reliable and precise in details. I liked his ability to articulate ideas well and not be afraid to validate them with others on the team.

Unfortunately, we currently have no further opportunities for Sebastian. I’m sorry, that’s just the kind of person you want to work with.

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